Gregory Fields, artist at FieldscapesGregory Fields creates original ceramic and metal sculptures, public art installations, custom ceramic wall murals, and clay art tiles.

The art is lovingly handmade in the Fieldscapes studio in Louisville, Colorado.

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Sculpture by Gregory Fields

Clay and Steel Sculpture

I create sculptures in glazed clay and welded steel, both wall-mounted and free-standing. The work ranges in size from small desktop pieces to 9 foot tall pillars. In addition to what is available in the shop, I am available for custom commissions. Please contact me to learn more.

Ceramic murals by Gregory Fields

Ceramic Tile Wall Murals

Bring unique and durable ceramic artwork into your home, garden landscape, or business! I design and build original ceramic tile wall murals and custom installations to fit your particular space. I am happy to consult with you to bring your design ideas to life. Contact me to learn more.

Lotus Tile - green rubbed

Ceramic Art Tile

Enjoy a collection of artisan tile in a variety of designs, glazes, and relief depth. All my tile is built and glazed by hand—each tile has its own artistic touch even when it is pressed out of the same plaster mold.

Home Sculpture