Artist Information—Gregory Fields


Explorations of wildlife imagery and abstract forms highlight the sculpture of Gregory Fields. Glazed ceramic murals and pillar pieces also figure prominently in his portfolio.

Raised in San Francisco with painter Curtis Fields as a father, Gregory grew up around art. After university, he spent two decades living in a monastery. The influence of that contemplative life pervades much of his artwork.

Drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, he moved to Seattle in 2003. There he studied sculptural anatomy with Kim Beaton and discovered the wonderful properties of clay. He received his first significant public art commission in 2008.

Fields now resides in Louisville, Colorado as a full time artist. He strives to discover new ways to combine welded steel and glazed ceramic carvings. His ceramic wall art features constant experiments in surface texture and glaze colors. He is currently accepting commissions.


Gregory Fields in studio with peacock mural“I create sculptures that feature the interplay of glazed ceramic and welded steel. Richly textured, and sometimes playful clay forms are cradled by the solid metal. Quiet, often circular shapes hold abstract clay explorations in my smaller pieces. Birds, animals, plants, and other natural forms take shape on tall pillar sculptures or in colorful ceramic murals.

“Two decades spent in a monastery bring a contemplative spirit into much of my work. I feel a deep, serene beauty underlying the intense struggles of life, and seek to express this through imagery carved in the ancient and malleable clay medium.

“In my public art practice, I strive to understand the values of the community I am serving, and incorporate the neighborhood’s feedback in my design work. Working collaboratively is something I enjoy, and a public artwork should be something created together by the artist, the art committee, and the community for the benefit of all. I cherish these opportunities!”

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