"Nature Friends" - public art by Gregory Fields

“Nature Friends”

“Nature Friends” celebrates wildlife found along Colorado’s Front Range. These creatures are people’s neighbors; many readily seen, others quite hidden from human sight. They share our open spaces, our backyards and parks. On this artwork the Bald Eagle, Coyote, White Pelican, Raccoon, Cottontail Rabbit, Great Horned Owl, Mule Deer, Prairie Dog, Red-winged Blackbird, and Northern Leopard Frog are represented. Hopefully the sculpture will inspire awareness of these beings, generate gratitude for their existence, and stimulate efforts to protect them so they may roam free.

Constructed of weathering steel and glazed ceramic, “Nature Friends” was commissioned by NINEdotARTS of Denver and installed in October 2023 at Northwest Apartments, 13741 Vispo Way, Broomfield, CO 80020.

Dimensions (height, width, depth):

86.5” x 27” x 8.5”
58” x 24” x 8.5”
43” x 16” x 8.5”