Enjoy the luxurious colors and striking patterns of a peacock displaying his glorious tail feathers in this unique glazed ceramic mural.

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The male Indian or blue peafowl (Pavo cristatus) stands proud with his glorious tail feathers in full display. Known as mayura in Sanskrit, the peacock was chosen as the national bird of India in 1963. It has been a fixture in Indian culture for centuries—Sri Krishna is often depicted wearing a peacock feather in his headband, the God of War Kartikeya rides a peacock, and peacock designs are frequently found in Indian art and architecture. The peacock was also seen as a symbol of immortality by the ancient Greeks and later on by the early Christians.

  • An original, handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic mural
  • Dimensions: 56”h x 44”w x 3/4”d
  • Material: Glazed ceramic fired to 2232°F (mid-range stoneware)
  • Ready for installation with mortar and grout in an interior or exterior location
  • 240 pieces—each piece is numbered to make assembly simpler; a numbered diagram can be provided
  • Contact me if you live in the Pacific Coast states and wish to have the piece delivered and installed


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